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My Lansing office serves Clinton, Eaton, Gratiot, Ingham, Isabella and Shiawassee counties. The office, located in downtown Lansing across the street from the State Capitol, provides a variety of services from assisting individuals working with federal agencies to helping businesses and local governments to seek out federal funding opportunities for local projects. The staff in my Lansing office are my personal representatives in the region and are here to serve you.

The Mid-Michigan region contains business and manufacturing industries, automotive production facilities and agriculture. The region is also home to several excellent public and private universities and colleges, including Michigan State University, one of Michigan’s two Big 10 schools. The region’s automotive and educational expertise makes it an important center for technological innovation.

The federal government has valuable partners in Michigan State University and Central Michigan University for critical research in technology, agriculture and renewable energy advancements. The National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at Michigan State University is one of the nation’s largest nuclear science facilities.

I’m also working hard to make sure agricultural producers in the Mid-Michigan region can compete. This region is a strong candidate for the growing production of ethanol and other biofuels, in which we must invest to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.