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July 2014

The honors hero Raoul Wallenberg deserves

June 2014

Treating Heroin and Opioid Addiction
Gala celebrates marine sanctuaries, including Michigan’s Thunder Bay

May 2014

Defense bill once again highlights Michigan’s national security role
Lesson for grads: Follow the facts and your conscience
Progress and more work to do on Pentagon reforms

April 2014

On raising the minimum wage
Michigan athletes once again thrill at Winter Games

March 2014

In Washington, the need for compromise is greater than ever

February 2014

Tough Action Against Tax Evaders Is Only Fair to Those Who Pay Their Share
FRIB Funding Is Major Milestone for Michigan and Science

January 2014

At Public Hearings, Real Passion for Protecting Our Great Lakes
Don't Undermine the Iran Deal
A Year of Focused Commitment

December 2013

ENDA's Passage Honors Our Founding Ideals
Improving the Safety of Compounded Prescription Drugs

November 2013

Godspeed, USS Gerald R. Ford
In Afghanistan, America and Our Troops Deserve a Sense of Accomplishment

September 2013

Ending tax-haven loopholes is smart way to bring down deficit

August 2013

Bill Would End Corporate Secrecy to Fight Terrorism, Crime

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