August 2014 Newsletter

Issues Update

In recent weeks, Sen. Levin has introduced legislation to ban federal contracts for companies that use a legal gimmick to avoid paying federal taxes; announced good news for the Great Lakes; and urged rapid federal assistance for Southeast Michigan to help the region recover from massive floods.

Dodge taxes? Don't ask for taxpayer-funded contracts

August 2014 newsletter - No Federal Contracts for Corporate Deserters ActOver the last few months, there has been a growing rush of U.S. corporations seeking to swear off their U.S. citizenship and move their mailboxes, for tax purposes, to a low-tax jurisdiction. That's not right, and it's time we put a stop to it. Three months ago, Sen. Levin introduced the Stop Corporate Inversions Act with 22 cosponsors, which would do just that. And now he has joined with other senators to introduce legislation that would make sure companies that shift their address offshore for tax purposes can't profit from federal contracts paid for with your tax dollars.

Read Sen. Levin's newspaper column on his bill to ban federal contracts for "inverted" corporations »

Read about the letter he and other members of Congress sent to the president urging him to take action against contracts for such companies »

Read Sen. Levin's statement on Burger King's decision to shift its tax address out of the country »

Efforts to protect Great Lakes show progress

August 2014 newsletter - Great LakesFrom a congressional hearing on Sen. Levin's legislation to boost restoration efforts to new announcements on funding for research to help protect the Great Lakes, recent weeks have seen a number of important developments for the lakes.

Read Sen. Levin's newspaper column on a congressional hearing to discuss his Great Lakes Ecological and Economic Protection Act »

Read a press release with Michigan's Sen. Debbie Stabenow on new federal funding for Great Lakes habitat restoration »

Read a press release with Sen. Stabenow on research to combat harmful algae blooms such as the recent bloom on Lake Erie that left hundreds of thousands without water service »

Read a press release with Sen. Stabenow on long-term research on the lakes' ecosystem »

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