January 2013 Newsletter

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In recent weeks, Sen. Carl Levin outlined the progress made for Michigan and the nation in 2012 and the challenges ahead in 2013; led a bipartisan effort to reform Senate rules in order to end needless delays of legislation and nominations; supported Hurricane Sandy relief funding that can help repair damage in the Great Lakes; and supported President Obama's efforts to protect Americans against gun violence while protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

After a year of challenges, more work to do in 2013

Capitol - January 2013 newsletterThe Senate returned to the Capitol this month after a turbulent 2012. In the areas our citizens look to us to address - boosting economic growth and job creation, building a foundation for long-term competitiveness, protecting our environment and our national security - we overcame some major challenges and made some progress in 2012, but delayed many of the tough decisions until 2013.

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Senator Levin leads bipartisan rules reform effort

January 2013 newsletterSen. Levin joined with a bipartisan group of eight senators in proposing rules reforms aimed at ending dysfunction in the Senate, introducing the proposal with Sen. John McCain of Arizona. He supported the final proposal, which received overwhelming support in the Senate and closely mirrored the bipartisan plan he helped develop.

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