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In recent weeks, Sen. Levin has helped lead an effort to make important changes to legislation reforming the U.S. Postal Service, pushed for rules on Wall Street to help prevent risky bets by banks that could lead to another financial crisis, and made his ninth visit to see U.S. troops in Afghanistan as chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

Postal reform must protect universal service

Postal reform May 2012 newsletterAs the Senate debated legislation aimed at helping the U.S. Postal Service deal with a mounting budget crisis, Sen. Levin joined with Sens. Jon Tester of Montana and Al Franken of Minnesota to propose an amendment ensuring that communities have a meaningful chance to challenge decisions to close postal facilities, and ensuring that any closings yielded measurable financial savings. The Senate passed the reform bill with the amendment included.

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Cops on the beat must halt risky Wall Street bets

Wall Street reform - May 2012 newsletterAs the co-author of Wall Street reform provisions designed to prevent financial institutions from risking the stability of the economy with risky financial bets, Sen. Levin led an effort by a group of senators to call on regulators to eliminate loopholes that could allow risky transactions and to quickly implement the law as written. Their arguments were bolstered just days later by a reported $2 billion loss at the nation's largest bank.

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Sen. Levin on hand for signing of Afghan accord

Afghanistan May 2012 newsletterSen. Levin traveled to Afghanistan for the ninth time as chairman of the Armed Services Committee. During his visit, President Obama made an unannounced trip there to sign a historic strategic partnership agreement with the Afghan government. Sen. Levin also visited Turkey and NATO headquarters in Belgium during the trip.

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