Million Mom March

In a speech to the Economic Club of Detroit in May 1999, Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., committed to speak on the issue of gun crimes each week that the Senate is in session. This is the 173rd week he has continued to live up to his pledge; his remarks follow:

Thursday, May 6, 2004

Mr. President, this weekend moms from across the country will converge on Washington to join in a march remembering gun violence victims and urging President Bush to support commonsense gun safety legislation. I am proud to support the moms, and I know my colleagues will join me in commending these women for their leadership.

On Mothers Day, moms will gather on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol to bring their Halt the Assault message to the front door of Congress. These women have come to Washington to urge members of Congress to support sensible gun safety legislation. Their leadership is desperately needed on this issue, and I applaud all of the moms who will make this journey for their commitment. After the march, the moms will spend Monday visiting our offices and urging us to support commonsense gun safety legislation.

One of the moms attending this Sundays events is Barb Case, Michigans Million Mom March President. Mrs. Case has been a member of the Michigan Million Mom March since it first started in 2000. She will be leading as many as 500 Michigan moms to Washington. The Michigan moms will be marching in memory of the 120,000 people who have been killed by a firearm, including more than 13,000 children and teens, since 2000. Mrs. Case, along with other moms in Michigan, have united with state and local leaders to implement community efforts to address the tough issues surrounding gun violence in my home state of Michigan. And, Barb has organized Michigans moms trip to Washington every year since the first march took place in 2000.

This years marchers are focused on the renewal and strengthening of the Assault Weapons Ban, holding gun manufacturers accountable for their products, requiring background checks on all gun purchases, reinstating the five-day Brady waiting period for all gun purchases, and incorporating safety standards into gun design.

Michigans moms, just like millions of moms from across the country want an America where their kids are safe from gun violence. Again, I commend all of the mothers coming to Washington this weekend for their hard work and commitment to the issue of gun safety and I hope all of my colleague will remember these efforts when the Senate considers gun safety legislation in the coming months.

Mr. President, I ask UNANIMOUS CONSENT that an article from the Detroit Free Press, which discussed the issue of gun violence and this Sundays march, be included in the RECORD.