Sen. Levin tribute to Sen. Scott Brown

Friday, December 21, 2012

Mr. President, I want to give my thanks to Senator Scott Brown, who leaves the Senate at the end of this session. I have not had the privilege of working with Senator Brown for as long as I have worked with many of the other Senators who are concluding their service here. But I am grateful for his work as a member of the Armed Services Committee, and for his support for some of the important reforms that helped put a cop back on the beat on Wall Street.

Scott's road to the Senate was not easy. Like all too many American children, he was the victim of abuse by those who were obligated to care for him. Senator Brown overcame great odds to become a United States Senator – odds that had little to do with politics. He is an example of our power to achieve despite great challenges, and we can all learn from that example.

Senator Brown was one of a handful of members who crossed party lines to support the Dodd-Frank Act, which provided vital reforms of the financial sector in order to help prevent a repeat of the financial crisis that crippled our economy. He and I disagreed on several important provisions of the act, and we disagree in many ways on how it can best be implemented. But his vote was very important to its passage.

As a service member for more than three decades, including a deployment to Afghanistan, Senator Brown has brought a valuable perspective to the Armed Services Committee. He has spoken eloquently of the need to honor our nation’s solemn obligation to our troops, our veterans and our families. He has advocated for the National Guard and supported significant policy changes that are important for our service members, such as supporting victims of rape or incest and repeal of "don’t ask, don’t tell." I thank him for his contributions to the committee’s important work in fulfilling its obligation to service members and their families.